Who are we?

In alignment with the modern Emirati vision, inspired by the slogan ‘Al Dhafra Deserves, and in an effort to serve the people of the Al Dhafra region and the cities it contains on the educational and training scale, we established our first branch within The United Arab Emirates of English Mode Language Institute.

Professional Tutor
Interactive session

Learning journey with English mood

The student acquires the English language by going through several stages of study, starting with determining the student’s level through a placement test.

A study program that suits each student

A study program is customized to suit the needs of each person to achieve his goals in record time.

A Placement test

It was designed by the best foreign and Arab educational staff in order to accurately and academically determine the level of each person.

The first stage

The student's educational journey in English Mode Institute begins by providing him with vocabulary, grammar, and linguistic expressions that quickly develop his level.

The second stage

 It is about the practical application of everything studied in the first stage in an easy and enjoyable way.

The third stage

It is designed in the form of an educational cinema, which aims to train the student on delivering presentations in The English language to help  break the student’s barrier of fear and tension while speaking in front of others. This training will contribute to their confidence over time. In addition, this stage is characterized by presenting visual clips in The English language aimed to train the student to master English accents so that he can speak in English using them as if he is a native speaker.

The fourth and final stage

Our students receive their training in “Café Mode” with the help of our educational staff, who provide seminars on different English language topics that suit each academic level.

The aim of that stage is to train the student on how to socialize and simulate reality with ease so that it is reflected in his daily life.

What do we stand out for?

The teaching system is based on creating a distinctive environment for practicing and applying the English language in a pleasant atmosphere and different from all traditional methods until you master it as your native language.

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To have another language means to have a second soul ……….  Charlemagne


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